Christmas in Germany

Day after Christmas. Everyone probably gained a few pounds, received a gag gift, or nothing at all. That’s okay. Remember the reason for the season. This year I wasn’t able to buy many gifts. I got my oldest nephew a hoodie, the youngest an iTunes gift card and my mother a case for her new iPad. My brother and sister could care less about gifts.

The greatest gift I can ever give anyone is my love. I absolutely love the family and friends in my life that I can truly count on. The best way I can show them that is by cooking Christmas dinner! This year, my friends and I did a pot luck style. I roasted a duck, sautéed spinach and my best creamy mac & cheese. We also had a honey glazed pineapple ham, mashed potatoes, sausage gravy and an abundance of desserts.

This was only a 4lb young duck. It was enough to feed 10 people, only because there was TONS of ham.

Seasoned with kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, cumin, rosemary, and paprika.

I stuffed it with lemon wedges, onions and garlic cloves.

Roasted in a preheated oven at 375°F for about an hour. I’m not used to these European ovens yet, so the last 20 mins or so, I covered it in foil to ensure it was cooked all the way.

And the results. It was nice and juicy. Duck is very fatty but it’s the holidays. Eat up, haha.


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