Ratatouille and Baked Turkey Spinach Meatballs

I’ve been busy with this course that I am taking online. So, many apologies for failing to post anything on here. If you follow my Instagram (@nxbeautii) you will find more photos and maybe even snippets of some recipes. Being overseas, the only option as far as school (in the field of my choice) has […]

Fresh Spinach Pasta

I seriously believe I was either Italian or Mexican in a past life. I love everything about Italian and Mexican food oh so much!! I can live off both and never ever get tired of it. Lately, I have been trying to make everything homemade. Trying to steer away from processed food as well as […]

Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt

Christmas time in Germany is absolutely beautiful. The larger towns have Christmas Markets. Where vendors get together selling awesome food, handmade gifts, ornaments, chocolate, and assortment of drinks. This past Saturday, some friends and I drove an hour away to Nürnberg. The Christkindlesmarkt happens to be one of the oldest markets in Bavaria. This was […]